How To Increase Your Vertical Jump Higher Now

Within this article I will tell you how to increase your vertical for when you want to slam dunk. Back in high school one of my biggest goals was to finally slam dunkĀ  a basket ball.

After years of training and putting in a lot of effort I finally was able to slam dunk in my third game in senior year.

I wish that everyone is able to feel that same amazement that I felt when I finally pulled off that slam dunk.

I will explain two parts that any vertical program needs to have. While following a vertical jump training, you need to focus on directing your energy to improving your power. Increasing your power is the way to increasing your vertical. This power consists of two separate parts, speed and strength. A easy little equation can help you understand it better.

Strength How To Increase Your Vertical

How much force you can expel onto the ground to push your self up is your strength. You can use various exercises to improve muscle strength that is connected to dunking and vertical jumping.

I highly suggest that you do a standard full squat to get your lower body muscles stronger, or even a split squat. You can really work those muscles in your legs that help jumping with these two exercises.

Speed How To Increase Your Vertical

How hard you push off the ground isnt the only factor, remember the equation, it is also the speed at which you do so. The quicker you can exert all that force the higher you can reach when jumping. You need to put effort into plyometric exercises such as tuck jumps, lateral box jumps, split squat jumps to increase these.

Other Important Notes

While training your slam dunking and vertical jumps you have to remember the power formula is only a single part of everything you need to consider. These other things to consider include fast twitch development, your jumping technique and neuromuscular connections.

You can learn the best way to train all the facets with all the vertical jump programs we have in todays world. I not only trained hard, I trained intelligently to see these amazing results that I have obtained. I found the right way to train the right muscles for what my body type was. All of the traits I went over was in the program I used.

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