Methods To Increase Vertical Jump


Plyometrics, also known as “plyos”, are exercises in which an athlete exerts maximum force in short intervals of time. It focuses on the goal of increasing both muscular speed and muscular power. Plyometric exercises should focus on explosive movements for the leg muscles.

They should be geared towards learning to move from muscular extension to muscular contraction in a rapid or “explosive” manner.

Heavy Weight Lifting

Heavy weight lifting, specifically ‘squatting’ can be used to increase overall muscular force and power. The principle behind this style of training focuses on overloading particular muscle groups in order to cause them to grow and get stronger. This increase in size and strength output will lead to increased force and explosiveness when in the motion of jumping.

Jumping ‘Shoes’

Many athletes have endorsed products such as ‘jumping shoes’ which claim to increase your vertical jumping ability through activation of the calf muscles among other things. Whilst many, many people have shown success with such products, here at Vertical Jump Training ,we cannot recommend them for 2 reasons.

1.Their safety is a questionable subject.

2.We have had very limited (almost non existant) success with them.

Jump, Jump, Jump!

You guessed it! one of the easiest (and often times most neglected) ways to increase vertical jump is to actually JUMP! The more you jump, the more efficient you will be. It’s as simple as that!

Training Programs To Increase Vertical Jump

of course, there are hundreds of training Programs on the market today designed to help you increase your vertical jump, but which ones are worth your time and money? Well thankfully, that’s where we come in. We will soon have an entire section of the website dedicated to product and training program reviews to help YoU sift through all the BS.

We want to save you from spending a small fortune on expensive (and quite frankly, useless) programs. We can show you how to focus on proven, tried and tested techniques that WILL help you to increase your vertical jump!

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