How To Jump Higher And Improve Vertical Jump My Incredible Story Revealed

If you are not a regular visitor or subscriber, then I need to introduce myself I am Christian Bale. I have used the beginning half of this year on the goal of increasing my vertical leap by ten inches.

I would love to tell you my awesome story, and help you to learn from what I did to jump higher.

In the beginning, I thought I wouldnt need help from anyone and attempted to go it alone. I went to the school gym and started doing exercises that I thought would help: I did the squat machine, some leg presses, and I even tried doing leg curls.

It made my legs stronger, but didnt do anything to increase my vertical jump! Also, I felt like I didnt know what I was doing at the gym. I didnt know which exercises I should have been doing, what weight I should have been lifting, or even how many reps I should do to improve my vertical jump. I was determined to find out how to jump higher.

If You Would Like to Increase Your Jump Height Quickly

Find out how to get more done in less time! Begin to train your muscles the right way and you wont just cut your training time down, but the jump exercises and your muscle strength will increase your vertical jump. Are you getting curious? Let me show you the secrets that allowed me obtain six inches in just 31 days

Stretching and Warming up

What is it that every NBA player does before each game? They stretch and warm up. You should too. If you dont stretch or warm up before you start your jump exercises or your work out, you can get injured and this can also minimize your performance when you train. Here are a few training tips for stretching and warming up.

Warming up

You will need to loosen your muscles so they are ready to exercise. The reason for a warm up is to create blood flow. You should warm up until you are almost going to sweat, but not enough that you are going to get tired. You need to maintain your energy for your basketball jump training.

Jump Roping is just one of those exercises that will never go out of style. Jump rope for about thirty to forty-five seconds at a time, occasionally adding a few hops or skips between the jumps. You don’t want to over extend yourself here.

Just like when you jump rope, jumping jacks will assist in freeing up those jumping muscles and loosening up your upper body. Do ten to fifteen jumping jacket three times, and rest after each time.

Jog slowly around the basketball court about three times. Dont run, just find a happy medium between a jog and a fast walk.


When you are warmed up, you need to stretch out your muscles. This wont just keep from getting injured during your exercises, it will help you gain inches on your vertical jump. You will need to stretch before you exercises and also after them.

To do a toe touch you must keep your feet together and your legs straight, reach down as far as you can and try to touch your toes. Hold your arms there for ten seconds. Your hamstrings should feel really stretched.

Now you need to put your left foot over your right foot and do the toe touch again. Now you will do the same thing by putting your right foot over your left foot.

To do a butterfly-stretch you sit on the floor and put your legs straight out in front of you. You then grab hold of your feet and pull them as closely into your waist as you can, with your feet staying together. Your legs will look like a V. While you use your hands to keep your feet from lifting off the floor, carefully press your knees down with your elbows or forearms.

Your groin should feel nice and stretched. It is important to not push too hard. You need to stretch, but you need to do it gently.You will learn a lot on your journey finding out how to jump higher.

To do a calf stretch, you need to locate a door well and position yourself under it, looking at the side where the door is not hinged. Keeping your heels firmly on the floor, put ball of your toe from one of your feet onto the door well.

Then grab hold of the door well with each hand and pull forward. Your calf muscle will be good and stretched. Hold there for ten seconds. You will then repeat that stretch with your other leg.

To do a thigh stretch, you need to stand and lift one leg so that it is barely touching your butt. Using the hand on the same side, grab hold of your foot. Bend your leg and pull it up a little with your hand. Your quadriceps should feel stretched now. Hold that position for ten seconds. Repeat this with your other leg.

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