4 Lip Protection Methods

Autumn is now in full swing. Autumn does not mean just yellow leaves, sunny alley and park walks. There are those days when it is so cold that we may think it is winter unless we have calendars. For women it can be quite difficult.

We do not know how to dress, how to make up and what shorts to take home. Our lips can suffer from cold and wind. We need a lip balm treatment to protect us all the time. ofra cosmetics liquid lipstick is the best treatment for your lips.

Once we found the right conditioner, we can use it daily, so we get cold. The lips will no longer be cracked but will be very soft. Here are four ways to protect your lips:

Apply lip treatment

An effective lip treatment is ofra cosmetics liquid lipstick  that has reparative and soothing properties. A good conditioner should soften the skin and protect it from both wind and cold , and from the sun, on warm days. Purchase from the ofra such a lip balm!

Do not bite your lips

This nervous tic has come into the habit of many people, both women and men. This can only lead to wounds and sting, and especially to an unhealthy look of the lips. The cracked skin of the lips should be treated, not removed. Keeping your lips constantly will only prolong the period of their healing.

Hydrate yoursofra

Water is a wonder for the body. Both for food and body, hair, face and skin. By properly hydrating, the chances of your lips cracking at the weakest wind drop substantially. Consume how much water you can (recommended to be 2 liters a day, but being autumn, 1.30 liters is enough.) Water will keep your lips soft and visibly healthy.

Stay healthy

Some foods also have a significant contribution to treating cracked lips or preventing this. Vitamin A found in fruits and vegetables helps us fight against dry skin. As for vitamin B, it impels the skin to crack, to exfoliate, while vitamin C gives it elasticity.

When your lips are very dry and even bleeding, you can apply a honey and propolis treatment. Mix half a teaspoon of honey with three drops of propolis tincture and apply on your lips. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to act, then move away.



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