Fire Toy Log Trucks

Good morning !, today we want to show you one of our most special joggers, this is our robust wooden fire toy log trucks , ready to attend any emergency.

We recommend this truck as a gift for the little ones, the Moulin Roty fire truck. This French brand of toys for babies and children, includes in its collections vintage toys, among which is the brothels we teach you today.

The retro style wooden fire toy log trucks will delight the little ones who will run with it from side to side. They are toys made with much care and taking care of every detail, of excellent quality and a design that enamora nothing more to see them.

It is ideal for children to develop their motor skills, has 4 wheels making it very stable and easy to handle. These games stimulate the gait and the spatial orientation, besides aid to the displacement and to practice the balance. Recommended from 1 to 3 years.

The best sustainable toys for children

Children love more and more technological toys, however, it is important for children to be offered other more alternative possibilities to commercial toys imported from China. That is why online toys  are not only the only option and it can be good to get closer to those who are more committed to the environment and people.

Wooden toys :  These traditional toys have been renewed. From dominoes, constructions, animals, corridors . It is important to choose those with ecological wood certification. A very healthy option, if you add that many of them contain inks without toxic.

Fabric toys : soft and comfortable soft toys are chosen by children. Ecological cotton stuffed animals are much healthier than those made with oil-based materials and with dangerous dyes.

Cardboard toys: Cardboard is a material with many applications. There are many toys made with this material and very resistant. There are games beyond tablets or video games.

Toys of other materials: You can choose the traditional recycled plastic, although it is not very advisable for children. There are from toy log trucks, to pieces to fit the smallest, beach games, boats, rockets, kitchenware or frisbees among others.

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