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It’s been a week since we posted an article in the blog blogging blog. We like to read your comments on these articles! We also get new questions about blogging and, of course, we like to answer them. Today, we tell you more and more about theĀ real make money online with your blog.

Maybe you are a blogger yourself and would like to know how to earn some money with your blog, or maybe you’re not a blogger, but you’re just interested in where bloggers really earn their money. We can imagine this, because we had these kinds of questions a couple of years ago.

Why would you like to earn money with your blog?

Let’s take the lead: not everyone wants to earn money with his or her blog. Blogging could just be a hobby forever, which means you do not earn money. Just because you like it and you do not have any ambitions to do your job. Does this make a blog better or even less good? Absolutely not.

For some people, it is still a bit sensitive when bloggers make money and thus become more commercial. For these people, a blog is a hobby and no job. For us, now that we have spent three years blogging and having a proper readership group, it’s no more than logical to earn money with your blog. Why? Because you put all your time, energy and love into it. In fact, because we’ve been involved in so much time, we have partially terminated our jobs. That’s a decent sacrifice, but it’s worth it.

You can compare a blog with a magazine. Just as the editorial staff work hard on a magazine every month, a blogger works hard on his ‘online magazine’ every day. And a blogger actually does much more than a editorial. You are a writer, photographer, filmmaker, editor, designer and editor in one.

Also, do not forget that you handle all communications by mail, phone and social media – unless you hire a trainee or employee for a given moment. (But we do not see that for our blog in the next few years). You also take care of your blog’s PR, go to events and network you get a bang. Nowadays, many bloggers (including us) also make youtube videos or book books – jup, we too! In short:

If we can speak to ourselves, it’s a dream because we can do full time for which we are really passionate. Not because we get rich because we earn significantly less now than when we had our “normal” full time jobs. But because we get so happy every day and we are always getting great new opportunities, we will continue to do this and we strive to do this one day full time. (At the moment we do the part time.) In short; Some bloggers manage to do their work from their hobby. Every day , what you like while inspiring people makes happy with stories, videos and pictures … that’s just amazing!

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