My Experience With Lipoma

First I noticed my lipoma when I was 15 years old on my right thigh. At that point I just ignored him, but after a year he grew up in my right hand under my shoulder. My GP said nothing to worry about as it is not harmful and will be removed with surgery if it becomes painful.

I tried to ignore my lipomas as much as possible and started living a normal life, but as the years went by I realized that many lipomas grow throughout my body. I had no answers that I used to ask about these lumps. I used to think I was the only one suffering from these lipomas and no body that I knew and no one was aware of this disease. One of my relatives gave me a homeopathic medicine that I used to have for a long time when I was doing my engineering studies, but I could not see any improvement to stop using that medication. HCG diets plan to lose weight.

I got so busy in studies and another thing I did not pay attention to my lipoma hoping for some magic to happen which can eliminate all my lipomas. But magic has no place in the real world and lipomas continued to grow in number and size with each passing year.

I now have 25 and have about 50 lipomas all over the body, mainly the hands, thighs, stomach, breast and buttocks. I am really worried about the lipomas I had in my hand, there are many of them large and visible. Because I have to wear only full shirts all the time to hide from others and to avoid explaining what this strange bundles are. At some point I feel so frustrated with my life because of these lipoms, I used to be a very cheerful person at a time, but these lipomas have effected every aspect of my life, somehow all my happiness seems hollow with the Presence of these lipomas.

I have suffered a lot because of these lipomas so now I have decided to put all my attention to do something about it and try my best to heal and to live a normal life.

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