The hCG Diet and Exercise

To maximize your results with the protocol for weight loss with hCG diet you can combine it with walks aimed at molding your figure as you wish. Follow these practical tips at the time of your walks:

  • For a flat stomach: Walk down slopes with short, fast steps, pinch the stomach and keep your shoulders straight. Make your steps as short as possible and very fast.

  • For the contour of thighs: Walk uphill with long steps without bending the knees; tighten the stomach, right shoulders with good posture. This will mold your hips too.
  • For leaner arms: Move your arms freely while you walk. Feel the pressure in the upper arms as you stretch your arms from front to back.
  • To thin your waist: Walk at a medium trot, with your hands in the air over your head. Keep your hands upright with a perfect posture as you walk.

Continuous exercises in the right way will bring you the desired results. You should continue your exercise routine regularly for at least 40 days before you expect to see results. Keep your spirits up and set your routine to maximize the results of your weight management plan.

4 Phases of HCG Diet

It is not difficult to follow the stages of diet with HCG. This is because in the first introductions of the diet it is possible to eat what you want in the first two days without feeling guilty.

But before you start, follow some pre-use procedures:

– Drink plenty of water.

Water is always useful in any diet, as it plays a very important role in our body. Therefore, anyone who uses HCG needs to stay hydrated in the first phase of the diet. So drink at least 2 liters of water daily, helping to detoxify the body.

– Maintain an exercise routine

During the loading phase of the HCG diet, take a walk of at least one hour a day. That way you will be preparing your body for the rigorous phase of the diet.

– Eat healthy products.

Even if you know that in the first one is allowed the consumption of fatty foods, it is recommended to go eating healthy foods. That is, the more in advance you are focused, the better the results from the beginning.



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