5 Quick Tips For Makellose Skin, Which You Should Absolutely know.

We do not always have time for extensive beauty activities. In stressful everyday life, it has to be easy.

As you invest a little time and still make something for beautiful skin – with these 5 Best Skin Care tips for macellous skin, which take a very short time.

In the morning peelen

Surely you will know the following in the morning: in the morning application of your foundation you notice how scaly your skin is. Or it just looks pale and pale, somehow anything but beautiful. What now sounds strange, is very effective: morning peelen.

It is almost like an unwritten law only to peel in the evening. Finally, the skin is sun-sensitive after a peeling and we want to use the effect of a better active ingredient intake overnight.

In the morning peeling is the possibility for even skin and natural Glow, even if the reality (your skin) actually looks completely different. There is nothing more effective than morning peeling when you need a perfectly-smooth skin image.

Unlike normal peels, which leave annoying grains and red spots on the skin, microfiber cloths are best suited for this purpose. They are not only gentle, but also very thorough. In addition, they prevent irritated and reddened skin – the result is a velvety-soft and well-perfused skin.

Ultrasound against swelling

Each of the mornings has to wake up regularly with swollen eyes , knows how annoying this is. The swelling usually disappears gradually during the day, but we do not always want to wait for it.

One way to speed up this process: a 2-minute ultrasound massage.

For this, you use a suitable ultrasound device with a small head and slowly moves it in long orbits from the angle of the eye to the temples. These massage steps support the lymph flow and damm. The swelling goes back within minutes and you can use makeup and co.

moisture boost

Many wrinkles, just in the area of ​​the eye part, arise simply because of lack of moisture. Because without the necessary moisture your skin contracts and a wrinkle develops. If your skin often looks wrinkled or even prematurely aged, so helps a good moisturizer.

But you can do much more than just apply your serum every day. With the following trick: simply apply your moisture serum layer by layer one after another until the skin no longer absorbs any moisture. Between the individual layers you wait just briefly, until the serum is largely absorbed.


  1. Apply Moisturizer in the entire face.
  2. Gently spread with the fingertips and gently massage, so that not too much product on the palm of the hand lands.
  3. Wait until the serum is largely absorbed.
  4. Apply the next layer and follow steps 1 – 3. repeat as long as the skin is saturated.

It is important that you use as much moisture as possible with good ingredients and little or no fat. Also, active ingredient vials or aqueous elixirs are an option. As an active ingredient, hyaluronic acid is ideal because it can bind very high amounts of moisture.

Your skin is visibly saturated with moisture after application, impacts and wrinkles disappear.

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